Maintool Classi

July 2015 - March 2016

embedded, IoT, C, C++, wereable, BLE

MainTool SAS


The MainTool strap transforms any regular timepiece into a smart watch while keeping the elegance of traditional brands. To achieve this, the electronics and sensors are put inside a leather or a rubber strap and allow the user to track parameters such as steps, heart rate, skin temperature and many other health variables. Those measurements are sent to a mobile phone via Bluetooth Low Energy.

My job was to develop the embedded software of the strap, including:

  • Communications protocol between strap and mobile phone based on BLE standard services when possible and on custom ones if not.

  • Data acquisition for the simple sensors.

  • Algorithms for the complex sensors (heart rate and pedometer): I've adapted algorithms broadly used for a low power consumption and low and noisy signal levels.

One cool mini-project I worked on, was an automatic test bench for the prototypes using common robotics materials such as Arduinos, servomotors and even 3D printed parts!

Like any other startup, I've also worked on different topics such as the landing page, the blog and server maintenance. During my last period in the company I was coordinating the software team.