Festas do Monte app


This project was born because I wanted to learn about Android development. Instead of working on some projects that would just live inside my computer I wanted to create something useful. Every year before this popular celebration begins I try to spend some time improving the app and implementing some of the features requested by the users. I find this a good way to learn the last news of the Android's framework.

The first version of this app was created in 2013 to promote as Festas do Monte, the most important event celebrated in my hometown, A Guarda. In 2014 I launched a new version that not only contains events during that celebration but all over the year. The events are inside a JSON file hosted in a server so I can update them without having to update the app.

Like all of my personal projects, the source code is available on GitHub and everybody is welcome to contribute. Open source will make us evolve and learn faster!