Xabier Crespo

Technology enthusiast & Embedded developer

I believe in a future where everything, and not just everyone, is connected. A future where common objects talk to each other letting people focus on the aspects of life that really matter.

I want to participate in this process and I think that an open innovation paradigm is the best way to achieve it. Why? Because shared knowledge and collaboration will make us reach this moment faster and with a global vision.

My core values

Design & UX

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If the product is ugly or hard to use, users will go to your competition.


User preferences and needs change. I understand it and I don't restrict myself to a requirements document. Instead, I talk periodically to my clients.


For being flexible with our clients I have to rely on an agile development. It promotes adaptive planning, early delivery, and evolutionary development.


Every feature of a product should be backed up by real data. The analysis of usage information helps me go in the right direction.


The only way to make sure the project works is by testing it. I work with test-driven development techniques to make this process fast and unbiased.

Open source

Most of what I know about Internet of Things I owe it to open source communities. I believe that it boosts innovation so my personal projects are available on GitHub.